Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art

Paul Rand: A Designer’s ArtZoom
Paul Rand: A Designer’s ArtZoom

When you look to think looking back, traditional Japanese beauty was we always have a significant impact on my work. Without exception, and all of its form in Te at, Japanese design we are representative of the most elegant interpretation of the designer of art. Japan is, we are proud that my work and who have recognized as appropriate to or exhibited or published. (Paul Rand)

Title: #358 times Design Gallery 1953 “Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art”
Dates: August 29 - September 10, 1986
Venue: Matsuya Ginza 7F · Design Gallery 1953
Organizer: Japan Design Committee
**Trade **Contact: Shigeo Fukuda
Sponsor: Robun-do
Cooperation: Niijima real

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